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INhabitAT was commissioned by the BBC Singers, as part of my Composer in Residence series. It is a  large work (58 mins) for 24 solo voices and chamber orchestra. Each of the four movements is comprised of three units;  an introitus, a motet and a polyphony.

Three parts of the world feature as the inspirational source for this work, England (Movement 1, Cancleave, and Movement 4, the River Dart), Portugal (Movement 3, Tapada) and Australia (Lake Eacham, North Queensland). I spent many weeks in each location, and produced numerous drawings in my field sketchbooks.

The appearance of musical notations in these drawings is always a signal that the process of musical composition has begun. They depict the transition between seeing and hearing.

There are twelve works in the series, however only four are at present available as prints.

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