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The visual arts have always inspired me. For this work, I chose 7 painters whose output has either inspired me directly (that is visually), or have seemed to my musical ear, to have musical (sonic) possibilities and connections.

In some cases, the drawings borrow from a painter’s original work (the Seurat movement for example and Heather Cowie), whilst at other times the drawing already transforms the painter’s output into something close to a musical score (especially apposite for Kandinsky, Rothko, Pollock and Riley).

But this is also a series of ‘portraits’ of seven different instruments. For each of the artists I made subjects for a movement, I first composed a solo piece which was intended to be the most direct response to the techniques, ideas and forms employed by each individual artist. This was then embedded within the context of an ensemble piece with six other instruments. The solo instruments are;
Berthe Morisot -  viola
Georges Seurat -  alto flute
Wassily Kandinsky -  violin
Mark Rothko -  piano
Jackson Pollock -  percussion
Bridget Riley -  clarinet
Heather Cowie -  cello

In some ways, these drawings-toward-music are the closest to being a musical score of any of the drawings I have so far completed (except for my Two Part Inventions for solo piano - see Originals No. 1 to 3).

To see and hear the complete work of seven movements, please follow link to the web-cast by Psappha.   follow

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