My Preludes for solo piano were inspired by 24 landscapes in different parts of the world that I have visited. The drawings which accompany each of the preludes (see below and Prints) are ‘memory-maps’ of my sensual experiences in those landscapes. There is also a sub-division in this series into 4 groups of 6, each being devoted to one of the 4 elements: water, air, earth, fire. In addition, I wanted to re-explore the 24 major and minor key regions, because I have always been interested in an interplay between what could be called tonality and atonality.

‘Mead seems  sensitive to every nuance of Cowie’s imagination, and truely appreciates the beauty contained here....Cowie’s imagination is remarkable. This is a fascinating, cogent set of Preludes......a startlingly successful whole.’
Tempo Magazine.

‘Philip Mead’s consummate skill and understanding is evident in every bar’.
International Record Review Magazine.
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water Air Earth
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